ASW agenda

Active Schools Week 2016

Our first Active Schools Week took place from May 9th-13th 2016 and it was a great success! The children enjoyed engaging in a wide variety of sports and activities from gymnastics to tennis, tug of war, skipathon, dance, football, endurance bootcamp and swimming.







Jog 2 June Initiative

Our Jog to June challenge is making great progress!! We’re now three quarters of the way to our end goal of 100km! Well done boys and girls! 🙂



Buddy Fridays

Every Friday, we have “Buddies”, where the pupils from 5th & 6th set up games for the Junior Classes. pizap.com14484552224451


How much exercise should we get?

60 a Day for Kids logo

Did you know that the recommended amount of exercise for children per day is 60 minutes! Our school has begun its journey towards the Active Flag. We are encouraging the children to increase their physical activity both in school and at home.You can find lots of ideas on getting more active on this website!