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  1. Oxford Reading Tree – can also be used on the iPad.


  1. Word Jungle Vocabulary game – more suited to 2nd Class


  1. Teach your Monster to Read


  1. Fun Riddle Game


  1. Word Train Game




  1. Blending Dragon from ICT Games


  1. CVC Pop Game from ICT Games


  1. Dinosaur Eggs with Phonics from ICT Games


High Frequency Words


  1. Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words


  1. Listen & Spell Game & Others



April 29th, 2015|

Novel Recommendations

Recommended Novels for 1st Class


The Riddle                                                                 Felicity Hayes-McCoy

Cookie the Cat 1                                                        F. Mulligan

Cookie and Curley 2                                                 F. Mulligan

Care of Henry                                                            Anne Fine

Granny’s Teeth                                                          Brady Dawson

Where’s Jacko                                                            Tony Hickey

Two Mad Dogs                                                           Cora Harrison

A Horse Called Henry                                               T. Moore

Monster Story Teller                                                 Jacqueline Wilson

Mr. Majeika                                                                Humphrey Carpenter


Recommended Novels for 2nd Class


The Owl Who was Afraid of the Dark                     Jill Tomlinson

George’s Marvelous Medicine                                  Roald Dahl

Comings and Goings at Parrot Park                       Mary Murphy

The Diary of a Killer Cat                                           Anne Fine

The Hodgeheg                                                            Dick King-Smith

Dear Me                                                                       Marie Burlington

George Speaks                                                            Dick King-Smith

Judy Moody saves the World                                  Megan McDonald

Nag Club                                                                      Anne Fine

Penny the Pencil                                                        Eileen O’Hely

Penny Goes Undercover                                           Eileen O’Hely

Stink; the incredible shrinking kid                         Megan McDonald

My Naughty Little Sister series                               Dorothy Edwards

Ivan the Terrible                                                        Anne Fine

Alice next Door                                                          Judy Curtain


Recommended Novels for 1st and 2nd

Alfie Green and the Bee Bottle Gang                       Joe O’Brien

Charlotte’s Web                                                           E.B. White

Dinosaur’s Packed Lunch                                          Jacqueline Wilson

The Dreaming Tree                                                    Eithne Massey

Flat Stanley                                                                  Jeff Brown

The Magic Finger                                                       Roald Dahl

Mr. Cool                                                                       Jacqueline Wilson

The Twits                                                                    Roald Dahl

Horrid Henry Books

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books

Books by Roald Dahl, Jill Tomlinson, Anne Fine, Jenny Nimmo, Jacqueline Wilson


***Please note that Jenny Nimmo, Jacqueline Wilson and Anne Fine write books for children up to the early teenage years so please ensure you are happy the book you have chosen is indeed suitable for your child. ***

April 29th, 2015|