Literacy Websites 1st – 3rd



  1. Oxford Reading Tree – can also be used on the iPad.


  1. Word Jungle Vocabulary game – more suited to 2nd Class


  1. Teach your Monster to Read


  1. Fun Riddle Game


  1. Word Train Game




  1. Blending Dragon from ICT Games


  1. CVC Pop Game from ICT Games


  1. Dinosaur Eggs with Phonics from ICT Games


High Frequency Words


  1. Dinosaur Eggs with High Frequency Words


  1. Listen & Spell Game & Others



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Maths Websites

The Subtraction Wall


Crossing the Swamp – Play the Addition/Subtraction Game


Add Like Mad – challenging game for 2nd Class


Addition Speed Test – more suited to 2nd Class


Subtraction Speed Test – more suited to 2nd Class


Balloon Popping Tables Game


Dinosaur Dentist – doubles and near doubles addition game


Place Value Shark Game


Place Value Game


Dinosaur Place Value


Revising Money from Moneyville


Super Hero Subtraction Game


Telling the time


Lots more maths games

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Literacy Websites

A website where children can explore and listen to poets reading some of their best works.

A website to revise and practice your English grammar.

Practice your knowledge of word meanings.


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